The Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles
invites you to visit Sephardic Spain with
Special Programs for the Jewish Traveler.

More Jewish travelers are visiting Spain than ever before. Next to Israel, Spain has become the most important destination for the Jewish traveler wanting to discover their roots, legacy and the essential role they played in the culture and history of Spain.

The glorious and tragic history of the Spanish Jews and their Sephardic heritage dates back 2000 years. Their contribution is hard to measure. Many poets, mathematicians, doctors, astrologers, linguists, philosophers and translators rose to recognition during the Jewish Golden Age in Spain. History also shows us that there were some differences between the Jewish Communities in the North which were influenced by the Kabbalah teachings and philosophy, while in the South they were also influenced by arts and poetry. It’s difficult to find a people who reached such heights, leaving such a valuable legacy.

Jewish Spain

These programs take the Jewish traveler to important cities and sites which impacted its history between the 10th and 15th centuries and form part of the Network of the Sephardic Routes of Spain.

You will travel to the Regions of Northern Spain where centers of commerce and trade were developed by the Jewish communities. The Regions of Central Spain where important Jewish communities grew and were forced to make crucial decisions during the 15th century that would affect their lives for centuries to come. As well as the important cities in Southern Spain where the Jewish Communities flourished and reached incredible heights during the Jewish Golden Age.

To learn more about these important cities and their historic Jewish Quarters follow this link to the Routes of Sefarad website.

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