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El Camino de Santiago

  The Way – El Camino de Santiago
An adventure that will change your life!

For a thousand years pilgrims and nature lovers have come from all over the world to walk these enchanted roads leading to Santiago de Compostela. Today they’re still coming to participate in this unique, life-changing adventure. Now you can walk these same ancient and historic ‘Caminos de Santiago’ (trails) that have brought knights and pilgrims to the emerald green fields of Galicia every year for the past millennium.

As you walk these trails, you’ll think you’ve gone back in time. You’ll pass by castles, cathedrals, hidden sanctuaries and gravestones with inscriptions that date back to the tenth century. You’ll cross ancient Roman bridges and walk by battlefields where Romans, Celts and Visigoths fought.

Our packages take you through the heart of beautiful northern Iberian Peninsula into the mystical region of Galicia, The Celtic Soul of Spain. Whichever one you choose, you’ll walk through a beautiful off the beaten path, picturesque Spanish countryside, or if you prefer you can also be driven part of the way.

You’ll dine on local Spanish country cuisine and drink some of Spain’s best wines. And each night you’ll stay in a comfortable country inn, hotel or historic ‘pazo’(manor). And the hospitality of the people you’ll meet along the way is legendary. They love to greet pilgrims.

By the time you reach your final destination, you’ll not only have experienced the adventure of a lifetime but participated in one of the world’s greatest pilgrimages. You’ll come home completely refreshed and ready to take on the slings and arrows of daily life. All roads lead to Santiago.