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El Camino de Santiago
  The Galician Way / El Camino Portugues

The Galician Way is part of the original Portuguese Way, which starts in Lisbon and ends in Santiago de Compostela. Its trails and paths date back to the 12th century, many following the original roads built during the Roman occupation. Your adventure starts in Tui along the Galician border with Portugal. The scenery is spectacular. Your trail takes you along the Miño River. You cross ancient bridges, country chapels, majestic cathedrals, Roman ruins, hidden sanctuaries and a host of historic cities, towns and villages, all marked with medieval wayside crosses.

You’ll follow some of the same paths taken by the Spanish Catholics King and Queen’s daughter, Saint Isabel of Portugal during the 16th century. As you travel north, you’ll see Celtic roots everywhere you look in this mystical region. As you follow Galicia’s impressive coastline once occupied by Vikings, you’ll visit the historic towns of Baiona, Pontevedra and Cambados.

In medieval Ribadavia, you’ll learn their process of wine-making handed down through the centuries, and when you travel along Ria de Pontevedra, you’ll also have the opportunity to taste some of their unique wines. The hospitality of the people you’ll meet along the Galician Way is legendary. They welcome all pilgrims and nature lovers especially those coming from abroad.