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  Galicia – The Celtic Soul of Spain

An adventure that will change your life!

Hidden away on the Northwest corner of Spain, bordered on one side by the rest of Spain, one side by Portugal and two sides by Sea is an enchanted emerald green land few Americans know. It’s a place where nature, culture, history and cuisine have all conspired to make it the perfect destination for the adventurous and sophisticated traveler.

This region is inhabited by an ancient Celtic people, the same people who later migrated to Ireland. Their Celtic roots also manifest themselves to this day through their main musical instrument Gaitas bagpipes. As soon as you arrive, they are greeted by some of the most friendly, cultured, hospitable and artistic people in Spain.

If you love nature, few places in Spain can match Galicia for its varied terrain to explore, through green lush hills and mountains, or along miles of coastline and cliffs. Nature and history lovers have been walking and traveling for over a thousand years the different medieval routes of El Camino de Santiago, an adventure they never forget. Two of Galicia’s main cities Lugo and Santiago de Compostela, have been chosen by UNESCO as World Heritage Cities.

Although Galicia has long been a favorite of European gourmands, it has yet to be discovered by gastronomy aficionados from this side of the Atlantic. That’s because off the Galician coast, are some of the best fishing waters in the world. To accompany this bounty of seafood cuisine, you’ll find that this region produces some of the best wines in Spain.

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