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  Extremadura – Medieval Spain
spacer Extremadura, the beautiful land beyond the River Douro, is one of the most remote of all Spanish regions, a land where modern development seems to have passed by. The ancient walls, winding, cobbled streets, castles and noble’s mansions of its quaint old towns are still intact. It’s like stepping through time into the Middle Ages and Spain’s rich history.

You’ll stay in a 15th century castle on a hill in Oropesa, where you’ll feel like Spanish Royalty. This castle, once the home of the influential Alverez family, has been converted into one of the most lavish and comfortable ‘Paradores’ in Spain. From this magnificent home base, you’ll visit towns and cities that will take you back into Roman and Medieval times.

Walk through the winding, narrow streets of the medieval hilltop town of Trujillo, birthplace of Francisco Pizarro, ‘Conquistador’ of Peru. Its Plaza Mayor, one of the most beautiful in Spain, is just as it was in Renaissance days.

Be sure to have your camera ready as you approach the hillside town of Jerez de los Cabelleros. Its profile, broken by three Baroque church towers, is one of the most picturesque in all Spain. This small town, the hometown of Vasco de Balboa, the discoverer of the Pacific, has a history that out proportions its size. It was here in the ‘Torre Sangrienta’ (Bloody Tower) that the Templar Knights were beheaded in 1312. You’ll also explore the glorious Hieronymite Monastery of Guadalupe, with its famed turreted towers. Set in a deep wooded valley, it looks like something out of a fairy-tale.

Your package will also take you to Merida, founded by Augustus in 25 BC and once the capital of Roman Lusitania. Here explore Roman and Moorish structures still intact, including an amphitheatre so well preserved it’s still used as a venue for classical drama today. You’ll learn why the walled city of historic Caceres, with it’s well preserved former Jewish Quarter, was the first Spanish city to be listed heritage city in 1949. After Alfonso IX of Leon conquered Caceres in 1227, it became one of the most prosperous free trade towns of medieval Spain, where merchants and aristocracy rivaled each other with stately homes and palaces. Many of them, as you shall see, are just as they were in the Middle Ages. Welcome to Old Spain!

The Road of Castles and Conquistadores SPACER Extemadura — Roman Merida