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The Route of the Conquistadores and the Exodus Period
Barcelona Jewsih Fresco

The glorious and tragic history of the Spanish Jews and their Sephardic heritage dates back 2000 years. The contribution of the Spanish Jews is hard to measure due to its immensity, with poets, mathematicians, doctors, astrologers, linguists, philosophers and translators who rose to recognition during the Jewish Golden Age in Spain.

The Spanish Jews also lived in isolated communities all throughout Spain. They were protected by the different regional Caliphates and Kings, before the Christian Re-conquest of Spain, and the Expulsion Edict in 1492. However, during the 13th century these communities had already started to experience pogroms and persecutions.

History also shows us that there were some differences between the Jewish communities in the north which were influenced by the Cabbala teachings and philosophy, while in the south they were influenced by arts and poetry.

You’ll find their writings in the Arab, Hebrew, Old Castillian and Ladino languages. It’s difficult to find a people where the population reached such heights, leaving such a valuable legacy.