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  The Flavor of Al-Andaluz

This unique gastronomic adventure not only takes you to the great capitals of Andalucian cuisine,but also to off-the-beaten-path destinations known only to Spanish and European gourmands. In the lovely Hacienda Torre de la Reina, in the province of Sevilla, you’ll learn how to prepare several traditional Andalucian country dishes and dine on your own creations. And in the 16th century Hacienda Guzmán, built by Hernando Colon, one of Christopher Columbus’ sons, you’ll discover the immense variety of different olive oils ‘Liquid Gold’.

During your gastronomy adventure you’ll travel to the established town of Sanlucar de Barrameda, where you’ll visit and partake of wine tasting at selected Bodegas featuring great wines and sherry (Jerez) . At the same time you’ll learn how to match all your new recipes with just the right sherry, from pale Manzanillas and dry Finos to dark, golden Olorosas and full-bodied Amontillados. In between cooking lessons and fine dining, you’ll experience the magnificent culture and history of Carmona, Cordoba, and Sevilla, cities and towns where this unique cuisine was first introduced. You’ll discover why it took five cultures to create it.

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