Welcome to our Spain!

There’s a Spain designed for tourists. And then there’s the real Spain.

The Spain known only to Spaniards and savvy Europeans.
It’s a Spain that’s off the beaten path.  And it’s yet to be discovered by sophisticated and
adventurous American travelers. We don’t believe in rushing your clients.
We want them to savor our culture and well known hospitality every step of the way.
When they return home, we want them to not only feel relaxed and
invigorated, but as if they have really gotten to know the land we call home.

Introduce your clients to our Spain!

Each of our seven to fourteen day itineraries have been meticulously designed
to provide your clients with an in-depth experience of two or more distinct regions
that make this a many splendored land.

We invite you to choose an itinerary which appeals to your client’s tastes and interests.

All of our programs for individual or group travel are FITs and can be modified to
address your clients special interests and travel dates. We also provide them
with detailed itineraries to guide them every step along the way.

Contact us and let us help you become a Spain Specialist.


Conexio Spain

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