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Welcome to Our Spain

There’s a Spain designed for tourists. And then there’s the real Spain.

The Spain known only to Spaniards and savvy Europeans. It’s a Spain that’s off the beaten path. And it’s yet to be discovered by sophisticated and adventurous American travelers.

"We don’t believe in rushing your clients. We want them to savor our culture and hospitality every step of the way. When they return home, we want them to not only feel relaxed and invigorated, but as if they’ve really gotten to know the land we call home."
— Vivianne Schael, President / Founder.

Your clients are always in charge!

Everyone has their own personal tastes and interests. Our goal is to provide your clients with the choices they need to make their trip to Spain uniquely their own. This is why we can modify our proposed itineraries to fit your client’s schedules and preferences.

SPACER The Sephardic Exodus in the Land of the Conquistadores with Rabbi Jay Shasho Levy

The Sephardic Exodus
in the Land of the Conquistadors

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